Web Design & Development

Through my strong interest in interdisciplinary design and technology, I also engage professionally in graphic, multimedia, and website design and development.

Here are a handful of links to websites I’ve designed/developed:

  • AudioJungle Radio – a customizable audio web app integrating the Envato API to improve finding and auditioning AudioJungle music quickly and efficiently.  Includes multiple playlist building tools, HTML 5 mobile friendly player, and audio waveform generation and display.
  • Digital Sound & Music – website to organize and disseminate content and modules for digital curriculum, including downloadable exercises and online Flash tutorials.
  • – web design service dedicated to providing artists with professional websites, including a custom created content management system for streamlined control and easy user updating.
  • Plastic Flamingo Theatre Co. – website for a New York based theatre company.
  • Jason Romney’s Podcast Lectures – website to organize and host class podcasts, including fully automated website content regeneration system triggered whenever a new podcast is uploaded for maintenance-free operation.
  • Scott Lehrer Sound Design – designer portfolio website, including a custom content management system for easy addition of portfolio items and updating general site content.
  • Dawn Gray Family Law – attorney website to present service information and ongoing articles on family law topics