Sound Design, Music Composition, & Audio Engineering

for visual media, interactive applications, and live performance


With my extensive experience and training, including a BSEE degree in audio engineering as well as an MFA in sound design, I bring both technical expertise and an insightful passion for design and creativity to all of my work.


My personal focus is on telling a story with sound and music. Let me help to enhance the visual and narrative elements of your project, providing depth, impact, and emotional cues to support your unique point of view.


Expect excellent communication, honest and open collaboration, and a commitment to quality. My strong interest in interdisciplinary projects and multifaceted experience make me an effective and dedicated member of any project team.

Get in touch to discuss how I can meet your sound and music needs!

What clients are saying…

  • The Sound Effects are amazing! Great work! Overall the effects really add to the game and create an awesome atmosphere. We are all really impressed by your talent and professional approach.

    Stefan S. / Sidius Nova
  • The sound design for this production was the 6th character in the show – its own quirky personality with moods, subtext, and life.

    Beth L. / Paper Lantern Theatre
  • Fantastic, as always! I really appreciate the great work you do.

    Dr. Jennifer Burg / WFU
  • Total professional… Looking forward to more work together!

    Donavon G. / Rolling Note
  • Great job!! …he was the only one who was able to provide this quality. Awesome! Fast response, great sounds, I hope to work with him again.

  • Your feedback and the quality of your work is head and shoulders above everyone else.

    Donavon G. / Rolling Note
  • I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your professionalism, your commitment to the project, your communication and the quality of your work. I’ll definitely be using your services again!

    Lynden G. / Mind of A Champion Sports
  • You have gone way above and beyond the call of duty here!  Thanks so much!

    Jim S.
  • Thank you for creating and shaping such a superb soundscape!

    Heidi M.
  • You make my job so much easier with your consistency and clarity.

    Jackie F.
  • They are still talking about what they heard!! Thank you

    Amy D. / Paper Lantern Theatre
  • Eric is a true professional! His audio work was outstanding. But just as important to me, he communicated wonderfully. This was truly a great experience!

    Lynden G. / Mind of A Champion Sports
  • You nailed it. Absolutely brilliant!!!! Very impressive work Eric.

    Carl P. / E-Mersiv
  • It’s been a real pleasure working with you, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of work that you’ve produced.

    Adam W. / Aberystwyth University
  • Eric exceeded our expectations on what we thought was possible. His attention to detail and connecting with the material was really excellent. He is a clear and direct communicator which really put us at ease knowing that the work is going to get done on time.

    Carl P. / E-Mersiv
  • Wow, there is a lot going on here and it’s awesome! Very impressed. A composition indeed. You paid attention to great detail. Well composed!

    Phil L.
  • I am continually impressed at the level of detail, care, consideration and quality of your work. It really shows and is really appreciated!

    Carl P. / E-Mersiv
  • Excellent work, will hire again!

    Shereef / ChatWare
  • Excellent sound file consultant. Very patient with requests for other versions.

    Scott M.
  • Thanks again for all your wonderful efforts! We are so lucky to have chosen you as a partner in this endeavor. We are going to continue to use Eric on future contracts.

    Carl P. / E-Mersiv
  • Awesome work and fast turnaround I will continue to use him for all of my sound needs.

    Ninjafish Studios
  • We’ve used Eric in the past and will continue to work with him in the future. You are making a solid choice with this contractor for Audio work.

  • Awesome job! He did all of the technical work on editing and splicing music, voice, etc. together. More impressive was that he offered a wealth of knowledge on how to create a better sounding final product, including lots of extra effects and tips for me on how to record better audio. Great to work with.

    David R.
  • Eric does excellent work. I’m very pleased with the final results. Will definitely use again soon!

    Lisa B. / Stress Relief Solutions
  • Eric was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very professional and always kept us updated on the status of the project. I would not hesitate in hiring him again.

    Seth B.
  • This is my 2nd time using Eric and once again I am blown away by his work!

    Tim J.
  • Eric does excellent work. I’m very pleased with the final results. Will definitely use again soon!

    Michelle J. / Beyond Blond
  • Eric, is amazing! He is great to work with and did a great job getting exactly what I was looking for. The mixes and quality of his music sounds incredible! I plan on using him for many more projects to come.

    Kasey A. / Sundaes
  • Eric did an excellent job editing an audio podcast for He communicated well and applied his best skills in the editing process. Eric engineered the perfect thematic outro for the episode and delivered a professional audio file on deadline. We’d definitely work with him again.

    Cathy B. / Fresh Art International
  • Eric was amazing to work with, had excellent knowledge on the area and filled the gaps in all the grey areas I was still uncertain about. An absolute pleasure to work with and would definitely recommend his services.

    Lloyd L.
  • Great work helping us to get our podcast released into the world

    James N. / Jaeco Marketing
  • This track rocks! Thanks for the audio loops! Very useful, finally someone with a common sense.

  • Nice one! Great melodies, especially loved the soft piano patterns on top of the guitars at the intro. A must have for most buyers in my opinion.

  • Very awesome work. We are so happy that he took the time to really get the music just right for us! Will hire again no question!

    Ryan L. / Explanatory Videos
  • I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the Healing Moves video. Your music and mixing really elevated the project. I hope we can collaborate on projects in the future.

    David H. / UNC-TV
  • They ADORE your work! Everything about the audio has been absolutely crisis-free, thank you so much!

    J.P. May
  • People love the music and sound. Eric is great. Will certainly use again.

    Michael T.
  • THIS IS AMAZING!!! Reminds me of the classic SNES games that would use chiptune rock music. It’s PERFECT.

    Anthony P. / SMOSH
  • Everything sounds really fantastic, I’m always amazed at how quickly you can create such wonderful sound design! Exactly what I imagined!

    Nirali S.

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